Rent a bungalow

For you who like life in a camping, but you want more comfort, we offer the option of renting a bungalow. It is a very comfortable and economical way to spend your vacation alternatively near the sea.


The bungalows are offering everything you need for a comfortable and quality accommodation. Each bungalow accommodates up to 4 beds.It has toilet and bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator. In the front, features a shaded area for relaxation. We care for high standards in the hygiene and we are confident that you and your friends will have unforgettable time!

Each location offers

  • Shadow-wide position
  • Up to 4 beds
  • Kitchenette - Fridge
  • Individual toilet
  • Parking


Price list

Camping map

Operating rules

Check In - Check Out

The camping place is defined only by the reception and no changes are made without consultation. The departure and evacuation vacancies are until 12:00. Differently you will be charged for the next day too.


The power supply is only for lighting, radio, tv, refrigerator. You can not use oven, hotplates, coffee, air condition etc. - Use extension cords with rubber coating for safety reasons. Strictly prohibited the interference to electrical power supply. The power consumption is charged extra

Quiet hours | 14:30 - 17:30 and 24:00 - 08:00

However, the use of the car cassette player banned and remaining hours. Keep the volume of your music low. Do not deprive other campers the right to hear the music of their choice.


Do not move your vehicle in the camping if it is not completely necessary. Drive slowly, with pedestrian speed. Turn off the alarm, close the cassette and do not honk. Park only in your position or in the parking lot. The car wash is prohibited.

Cleanliness - Environment

Please help us keep the site clean. Lighting a fire for any reason is prohibited.Use barbecue and grill with caution. Do not throw cigarette butts in the sand. Make strict economy on water.."


All pets from the smallest to the biggest ...Must always be tied (as serenely though it is). Ensure the dirt and not let them fall into the sea.

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