Conditions for residence


Booking terms and conditions

  1. Fill in the boxes below.
  2. The reservation form is a request to book and there is no commitment on your part or on the part of camping.
  3. After the confirmation of seat availability from Camping will be given a bank account for the payment of the advance.
  4. Your reservation is valid only after advance payment of 25% of the total amount or other amount agreed with the Reservation Manager.
  5. The deposit should be demonstrated by fax, bank deposit.
  6. For the period of 10/7 until 20/8, reservations are accepted only when it is timely and at least 15 days before the scheduled date of arrival.
  7. Ticket reservations can be made for at least 7 consecutive nights at Camping (excluding rental caravans and mobile homes). Campers who want to stay at the campsite for a shorter period of time, served upon arrival at the receiving part, depending on the daily availability
  8. No reservations may be made for specific locations or homes.
  9. The position will be available at 14:00, unless released earlier. The same applies to rental caravans / mobile homes
  10. The delivery of location and closure of your account must be made no later than 14:00 and up at 12:00 on the rental caravans / mobile homes. Otherwise charged with an extra night.
  11. Pets are accepted but with conditions. In any case create problems (annoying barking, dirt, or freely), will be a reason for cancellation. Bookings rental caravans / mobile homes pets are not allowed.
  12. Learn about the general rules of Camping. The company reserves the right to terminate your stay if you do not respect the terms of the Regulation.
  13. The power supply is 220v and need special attention to devices with resistance, such as electric stoves, ovens, grills, hair, etc. Make sure you are equipped with cable reel. The consumption of electricity is charged extra.
  14. The extension of stay is not always feasible. Camping you can not guarantee that customers will remain in the same position, despite all the effort made.

Cancellation policy

  1. In case of cancellation of your booking deposit will be refunded only if cancellation is made 21 days prior to arrival date.
  2. In case of cancellation less than 21 days will be charged with 50% of the advance and the cancellation less than 5 days the deposit is deducted for the campsite.
  3. In case of cancellation during the stay will be charged with 50% of the remaining amount for the time you stated.


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